Dunning ∿‌‌ Kruger FX

Effect Pedals and Guitars, etc.




Extra Medium

When a normal amount of medium is simply not enough.

George Washington Slept Here

If the blues could somehow be "driven," this is what it would sound like.


A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, packed into a fuzz pedal.


What are flamingos if not pink rats called penguins?

Fuzzy Bunny Fuzzing Fuzz

Named after an angry bunny that I met at a boat ramp.

Cutie Cutie Cupcake

As you can tell from the paint job and obvious rodent name, it's a take on the RAT.

Do Attend

This is to inform you that all the fuzz pedals you ate since first grade are alive in your body. That's 365 days a year from first grade to now. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Potentially Broken Fuzz

It's a fuzz. It can get freaky. It's potentially broken.

Boner 4Ever

Clean boost/hard-clipping transparent overdrive with germanium diodes. In the style of the half man/half horse original, but paying tribute to Philly's best graffiti.

Dubious Distinction

A classic 70s-style fuzz circuit with some flexible EQ options.

Aggressively Disinterested

It's fuzz. It only has one knob. That knob is marked "knob."


(A Weird Amount of) Chorus

There is a normal amount of chorus, and then there is a weird amount of chorus.

Typically Unfazed

While I am, in fact, typically unfazed, this would have been better named with a Pfizer pun.

ブラブラ (Burabura)

A swooshy, phasey harmonic tremolo that will do the pulsing tremolo thing, but in a more trippy sort of way.

Reverb and Delay


A voluminous reverb with the ability to go into vacuous "infinite reverb tail feedback" via a runaway switch.


Smewthe Optical

The latest from the Smewthe line of compressors, this one harnessing the power of light.


I've felt the raw power of really smooth music.


Laser Hoagie

I have one simple request, and that is to have charcuterie with frickin' laser beams.

We’re Getting There

Leave it to Philly to set the lowest bar for moderate achievement.


Splitter McGinty

A basic splitter: a utility pedal that can take one instrument signal and split it into two.


A simple, passive re-amper style device to get a line-level signal to instrument level so that it can be run through guitar pedals or amps.

Germanium Switch (rare)

When the tone of your switches matters, trust only germanium.