It's like a Jazzmaster, but way more emotional.
The Junior guitar, rich mahogany with simple hardware


No frills. Down and dirty.
The Coronacaster guitar, slightly aged looking wood with a red tortoise shell pickguard, kind of like Prince's Hohner Mad Cat


A take on a classic.
The Pandemic Bass, plain Spanish cedar P-bass with red tortoiseshell pickguard

Pandemic Bass

I think I'll refer to it as a "P-Bass."
A walnut Ukulele

Tenor Uke

Ugh. It's a ukulele.
The Boat Guitar, made of Formica like that in an old diner booth, the color of the Caribbean Sea

Boat Guitar

Sometimes you chase a specific sound. Sometimes you chase a ridiculous use case.
The Less Paul guitar, shaped like a Les Paul but with a bogus soundhole

Less Paul

Everyone needs an electric solid body nylon string guitar. No, wait—they don't. Never mind.
The Cookie Tin Banjo, literally made of a board and a cookie tin

Cookie Tin Banjo

The sweet and sultry sounds of banjo, coaxed from a discarded can of diabetes.
The Sitting V lap steel, redwood with maple fingerboard

Sitting V

Experimental V-style Lap Steel.
The Synthstick, a poplar instrument shaped like half a guitar but with one string and some VHS tape

Synth Stick

The keytar of theremins.
The 000 guitar, an acoustic guitar in the style of a 12-fret Martin 000


My first (and still primary) acoustic guitar.
The Serial Number 1 guitar, in dark walnut with black hardware

Serial No. 1

You've gotta start somewhere.


One Watt of Fury

A hundred watt amp is a hell of a thing, but is probably overkill outside of a stadium. Sometimes all you need is One Watt of Fury.
The 16.x2 cab, a wooden box with 16 2-inch speakers in it


Many are intimidated by the raw power of the 16x2's sixteen two-inch speakers, but fear not: it has no power. It's a speaker cab.