It's like a Jazzmaster, but way more emotional.


No frills. Down and dirty.


A take on a classic.

Pandemic Bass

I think I'll refer to it as a "P-Bass."

Tenor Uke

Ugh. It's a ukulele.

Boat Guitar

Sometimes you chase a specific sound. Sometimes you chase a ridiculous use case.

Less Paul

Everyone needs an electric solid body nylon string guitar. No, wait—they don't. Never mind.

Cookie Tin Banjo

The sweet and sultry sounds of banjo, coaxed from a discarded can of diabetes.

Sitting V

Experimental V-style Lap Steel.

Synth Stick

The keytar of theremins.


My first (and still primary) acoustic guitar.

Serial No. 1

You've gotta start somewhere.


One Watt of Fury

A hundred watt amp is a hell of a thing, but is probably overkill outside of a stadium. Sometimes all you need is One Watt of Fury.


Many are intimidated by the raw power of the 16x2's sixteen two-inch speakers, but fear not: it has no power. It's a speaker cab.