The Fiasco pedal, decorated with warm-toned jungle plants on a dark background


The Fiasco is a fun and exciting way to turn everyone's favorite karaoke echo chip into an ensemble of noise and chaos.
The Anhedonia pedal, decorated with dreamy, out-of-focus abstract dots the color of spring flowers


Experience the pure joy of anhedonia. Questionable reverb into dubious fuzz.
The Planet Pluto pedal, decorated with a cartoonish planet with cool colored rays emanating from it

Planet Pluto

More hard-clipping, gated distortion than anything in the Kuiper belt, but can it deliver usable crossover distortion?
The Potentially Broken Fuzz v3 pedal, decorated in color of night and june bugs

Potentially Broken Fuzz, v3

I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers; Still broken after all these years.
The Forever Boner Pedal, decorated with a photograph of the Buery Building with "Forever Boner" graffiti on it

Forever Boner

Second in a series of Philly-themed, non-transparent, Klon-ish overdrives, but with notably fewer magical claims.
The Cringe pedal, decorated with simple shapes in the color scheme of an old monochrome monitor

The Cringe

The Cringe is a fuzz and octave pedal that is completely original. (This a joke...there is nothing original about it.)
The Zenish pedal, which is mostly corroded aluminum with some corroded copper strips


Sit back, relax, and let the smooth sounds of mild overdrive wash over you like a gently flowing creek of tone.
The Wreck of the Ella Fitzgerald Pedal, decorated with a Gustave Doré etching of a stormy ocean

The Wreck of the Ella Fitzgerald

The legend lives on, from the skiddily-beep-bop-da-dooba-dooba-doobily dee.
The Divine Smite pedal, decorated with a 20-sided die with white light coming in on one side scattered into a rainbow on the other, like the cover of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Divine Smite

You'll be smitten with Divine Smite. Or smited. The power of Tyr compels you; the power of Tyr compels you.
The Trenton Makes pedal, decorated with an abstract representation of the Trenton Makes bridge and in the bridge's general color

Trenton Makes

Trenton makes, the world takes, but neither do much to perk up your harmonics.
The Mild Stallion pedal, decorated with a 70s Tupperware color scheme and, nonsensically, a dolphin

Mild Stallion

Sometimes you need a Boost. And possibly too much treble. That's when you need to saddle up a Mild Stallion.
The Extra Medium pedal, decorated in an 80s/Miami Vice sort of vibe

Extra Medium

When a normal amount of medium is simply not enough.
The George Washington Slept Here pedal, decorated like Wedgewood pottery with a semi-transparent image of the Deshler-Morris House in Philadelphia

George Washington Slept Here

If the blues could somehow be "driven," this is what it would sound like.
The Toynbee pedal, decorated with the text of a Toynbee tile


A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, packed into a fuzz pedal.
The Penguin pedal, decorated like a Trapper Keeper, inexplicably with a flamingo


What are flamingos if not pink rats called penguins?
The Fuzzy Bunny pedal, decorated with an angry cartoon bunny in the style of a Soviet propaganda poster

Fuzzy Bunny Fuzzing Fuzz

Named after an angry bunny that I met at a boat ramp.

Cutie Cutie Cupcake

As you can tell from the paint job and obvious rodent name, it's a take on the RAT.

Do Attend

This is to inform you that all the fuzz pedals you ate since first grade are alive in your body. That's 365 days a year from first grade to now. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Potentially Broken Fuzz

It's a fuzz. It can get freaky. It's potentially broken.

Boner 4Ever

Clean boost/hard-clipping transparent overdrive with germanium diodes. In the style of the half man/half horse original, but paying tribute to Philly's best graffiti.

Dubious Distinction

A classic 70s-style fuzz circuit with some flexible EQ options.

Aggressively Disinterested

It's fuzz. It only has one knob. That knob is marked "knob."


The Tranquility Turbo pedal, approximately the color of a Boss Dimension-C chorus but with a muted print of leaves under bold lettering

Tranquility Turbo

Tranquility Turbo brings the mellow sound of motionless chorus, but with more volume and more comb-filtering power.
The Discipline pedal, decorated with industrial-looking I beams


Discipline. Discipline. We need some discipline in here. Or at least a fair amount of unusually gritty modulation.
The Acquired Taste Pedal, decorated with a Rothko painting that is rough, abstract blocks of color

Acquired Taste

Everyone loves the Acquired Taste flanger when they first hear it. Wait, no...
The Another Dimension pedal, decorated with low-key spiraling vortex

Another Dimension

Intergalactic, planetary; planetary, intergalactic. Intergalactic, planetary; planetary intergalactic. Another dimension. Another dimension.
The Probably Tetanus pedal, decorated with a closeup painting of flowers, zoomed to the point where the texture of the paint is visible

Probably Tetanus

Is it a vibrato? A tremolo? A phaser? The only thing that we can know for sure is that it's Probably Tetanus.
The Slow Danse Macabre pedal, decorated with a texture reminiscent of folded cloth

Slow Danse Macabre

More motionless chorus than whatever I was awkwardly slow-dancing to in middle school.
The Okay Chorale pedal, with the barest attempt at an old west motif

Okay Chorale

It's the Wild West out there. Okay Chorale is a nostalgic chorus pedal, but stops short of giving in to a font called "Outlaw" or whatever.

(A Weird Amount of) Chorus

There is a normal amount of chorus, and then there is a weird amount of chorus.

Typically Unfazed

While I am, in fact, typically unfazed, this would have been better named with a Pfizer pun.

ブラブラ (Burabura)

A swooshy, phasey harmonic tremolo that will do the pulsing tremolo thing, but in a more trippy sort of way.

Reverb and Delay

The Savage Torpor pedal, decorated with abstract circles and with too many knobs

Savage Torpor

Digital Reverb. Like *really* digital. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
The Monotonous pedal, decorated with abstract overlapping triangles


Delay, like life, can be monotonous, but modulated delay with some extra tricks makes this a far more wacky form of repetition.
The Vacuous Reverberation pedal, decorated with abstract overlapping triangles


A voluminous reverb with the ability to go into vacuous "infinite reverb tail feedback" via a runaway switch.


The Giles Corey pedal, decorated in the color of blood with a faint image of a witch trial and spirit from a 17th century print

Giles Corey

Full of literary/theatrical references and a mild ability to squish audio, it's technically a compressor!

Smewthe Optical

The latest from the Smewthe line of compressors, this one harnessing the power of light.


I've felt the raw power of really smooth music.


The Abysmal pedal, decorated with an abstract deep ocean motif


Is it good? It's Abysmal! For all of your octave down, double octave down, and arbitrarily down-tuned needs.
The While My Guitar Pedal Gently Weeps pedal, very plain looking with a lot of text

While My Guitar Pedal Gently Weeps

A minor debacle, highly emblematic of the type of cognitive bias embraced here at Dunning∿Kruger FX.

Laser Hoagie

I have one simple request, and that is to have charcuterie with frickin' laser beams.

We’re Getting There

Leave it to Philly to set the lowest bar for moderate achievement.


Sympathetic Mojolators

An easy way to transparently inject vintage tone and aesthetics into otherwise modern pedals.
The Digitron 5000 pedal, undecorated aluminum with hand-written labels

Digitron 5000

The DIGITRON 5000 is a utility pedal for developing digital effects, fluent in over six million forms of communication, including USB.
The Splitter McGinty pedal, undecorated with hand-written labels

Splitter McGinty

A basic splitter: a utility pedal that can take one instrument signal and split it into two.
The Sweet-Assed Reamper pedal, undecorated with hand-written labels


A simple, passive re-amper style device to get a line-level signal to instrument level so that it can be run through guitar pedals or amps.
The Germanium Switch (Rare), a tiny pedal that looks like a gold ingot with Helvetica text and a single footswitch

Germanium Switch (rare)

When the tone of your switches matters, trust only germanium.