(A Weird Amount of) Chorus


There is a normal amount of chorus, and then there is a weird amount of chorus.

The chorus effect can be a naturally occurring phenomenon. It’s heard in, well, choruses; when many people in a choir are singing all at once, the slight variations in pitch and timing combine to make a richer, sometimes shimmering sort of sound. The same is true of the multiple courses of strings on instruments such as mandolins, 12-string guitars, and pianos.

It can also be created electronically by copying a signal, manipulating the copy to be slightly out of tune and time, and mixing them back together. That’s what this pedal does. Most chorus pedals give a user control over things like “rate” (the speed of the low frequency oscillator that is modulating the copy) and “depth” (how far it oscillates). This pedal has many more controls, which allow for a truly weird amount of chorus, as well as a wide range of queasy runaway effects that go beyond a standard chorus pedal. It’s built from a PedalPCB Sea Horse board and uses a PT2399 chip for delay.

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